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VSOS-4P Orbital Shaker (115 vac)

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CODE: 576000-00
Price: $1,780.00

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Introducing the NEW VSOS-4P, all Programmable and Digital Orbital Shaker. Our durable, rugged VSOS-4 Orbital Shaker has now been redesigned to make every day use even easier. It maintains the same uniform motion that is both mixing and vortexing in nature. It continues to provide a smooth, quiet, reproducible and uniform orbital shaking motion (19mm circular) for a wide range of laboratory applications such as cell/tissue culture, hybridization, staining and destaining gels and much more!

This advanced Orbital Shaker has a Programmable memory for up to 4 different programs. Its easy recall function allows for quick entry of your program. Furthermore, the VSOS-4P has a pulse operation for a short processing run.

The VSOS-4P's Digital capabilities allow you to visually set the RPM Speed and Time. All up and down keys have a unique control. Press either button to increase/decrease 1 increment at a time. For faster settings, hold down either button to increase/decrease in larger increments. Time can be set from 1 to a maximum of 999 minutes or continuous mode, which allows for extended experiments and overnight runs. At the end of a timed run cycle, the end of run indicator beeps signifying the unit has stopped.

The VSOS-4P comes standard with a 12”x14” universal platform (with removable neoprene rubber pad) which can support up to 110 pounds as well as an adjustable bar support set to accommodate standard vessels or odd shaped containers. A variety of accessories are available for the VSOS-4P, such as additional bar support sets to increase capacity and clamps from 10ml up to 1000ml.


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