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Tunair Flasks

The TUNAIR Shake Flask Systems are a unique and patented flask and closure system, designed for microbiology and biotechnology applications. This system provides optimum growth conditions for aerobic microorganisms, mammalian cells, and plant cells. They also provide better culture growth and productivity than standard Erlenmeyer flasks. The Tunair systems are designed to increase the availability of dissolved oxygen as well as improve cell yields. There are three flask designs available depending on your application; the No-Baffle(normal throw), teh Half-Baffle(vortex motion), and Full-Baffle(propeller motion. The slip on cap and filter linings protect the flask neck fromairborne particles and eliminates the need for flaming. All TUNAIR flasks, caps, and linings can be sterilized by autoclaving.

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Silicone Membrane 300ml 5 pk

CODE: SS-3016

Price: $107.10


2.5L Silicone Membrane 2.5L 5 pk

CODE: SS-3017

Price: $119.70


Dri-Gauze, 300ml, 5 pk

CODE: SS-3018

Price: $20.70


Dri-Gauze, 2.5 Liter, 5 pk

CODE: SS-3019

Price: $26.10


2.5 L HAF-BAF Bottle

CODE: SS-5012

Price: $34.65


2.5L Full-BAF Bottle

CODE: SS-5013

Price: $34.65


2.5 L N0-BAF Bottle

CODE: SS-5011

Price: $34.65


2.5L Tunair Flask Cap

CODE: SS-3015

Price: $16.20


300ml Tunair Flask Cap

CODE: SS-3014

Price: $10.80